By Ale Label is an online fashion store based in Perth, Western Australia with all designs made and brought to you straight from Brazil. By Ale Label created by Alessandra, brought this label to life after having an excellent eye and taste for high-end fashion. Ale grew up in Brazil as a child, then later in life moved to London and then to Australia where she now resides in Perth.

Ale was always immersed in fashion however, thoroughly missed the Brazilian style fashion as it was just purely so stylish and unique. Ale wanted other women to be able to experience the style, that simply highlights the beauty of the female silhouette and portraying empowerment through these flattering fits.

Now providing nothing but the best luxury, premium quality and stylish pieces directly from Brazil, at affordable prices for women around the world directly from the By Ale Label.

By Ale Label are pieces made for the modern woman who isn’t afraid to be noticed when she enters a room, knowing her power as an individual. Simply, sophistication and sexy in the same look.